2019-20 Practice Schedule

MONDAY5:30-6:30pm U7
7:00-8:00pm U13 Recreation
8:30-9:30pm U15 Recreation
8:00-9:15pm U13 Rep
TUESDAY5:30 - 6:45pm U11 Development
7:15-8:30pm U18 Rep
8:30-9:45pm U15 Rep
WEDNESDAY5:45-6:45pm U9
7:15-8:30pm U13 Rep
4:30-5:30pm U11 Dev
6:15-7:15pm U13 Recreation
8:00-9:15pm U15 Recreation
THURSDAY6:30-7:30pm U11 Recreation
8:00-9:15pm U15 Rep
8:30-9:45pm U18 Rep
FRIDAY6:15-7:30pm Clinic4:00-5:00pm U7 Group 1
5:45-6:45pm U9
7:30-8:30pm U11 Recreation
SATURDAY9:00-10:00am U7 Group 2

Schedule subject to change as the ice surface capacity limits are adjusted.